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. . . . . . This is critical because it leads to a direct impact on the success of the marketing strategy of KFC and its goal to maintain its niche position of fried chicken fast food specialist. Organizational audit focuses on entire business, it focuses on the business objective, goal, mission, vision and all strategies being applied in the business. .

. Therefore, energy usage in restaurants, waste management, packaging and sustainable building design as the challenging for KFC in CSR of environment such as KFC in US, they successful reduced the energy consumption in annualized savings 60000 metric tons of CO2 and it benefited the shareholders because of saved in energy costs (www.yum.com) In addition, KFC advocated recycle which 50% of KFC box packaging make from recycled paper and 95% of cardboard use behind the counter can also recycled. . . On a worldwide scale, KFC has had higher profitability. The business made a $16 billion profit in 2015. In Europe and Russia, the brand has performed exceptionally well, which is a significant asset for the corporation. Burgers cost around $5, while a combination lunch with a beverage costs around $15. . . .

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